There are numerous awesome kite-surf spots in and around Cumbuco. 
The majority of the visitors to Durobeach Hotel and Kite Centre kite directly in front of the hotel. The winds are side on-shore, the beach is wide, and the water is relatively flat. Perfect!

When you stay at Durobeach Hotel and Kite Centre you step directly onto the Cumbuco beach.

5 great reasons to kite-surf in front of Durobeach Hotel and Kite Centre Cumbuco:

  1. The beach is very wide. Even at high tide you have plenty of space to launch.
  2. Cars are not allowed to drive over the beach in front of the village centre next to the hotel, so there is no danger of somebody driving over or through your lines.
  3. The water is flatter then anywhere else in Cumbuco, especially at low tide. This is because of an old reef about 300 metres out which creates a wave break
  4. You will always find friendly and helpful people to launch or put down your kite.
  5. You are just a few steps away from the hotel where you can have a refreshing break with a drink,snack or a shower.

One kilometre downwind from Durobeach Hotel and Kite Centre the shore-break gets stronger but is the most fun if you are making a downwind towards the lagoon of Cauipe. This stunning, freshwater lagoon is just 50 metres from the ocean and about 5 km downwind from town. There are a selection of local restaurants serving fresh seafood and you can get there by car but also over the beach by buggy or 4wheel drive. Buggy drivers usually wait in front of the restaurants to drive people back to the village for about 10 real a person. The shallow waters of the lagoon make it the perfect training spot. As definite “must visit” during your stay at Durobeach Hotel.